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Spay and neuter is the responsible thing for your pet and your community! The most up-to-date clinic information is posted to our Facebook and Instagram Pages! For help with feral cat TNR (Trap Neuter Return, please call 925.967.1001! Your dog or cat must be at least 8 weeks and at least 2 pounds for surgery (max 75 lbs). No food for animals the morning of surgery. We are often able to accommodate standbys to replace no-show appointments. Standbys for all clinics begin at 9 a.m. Low-cost service pricing varies from clinic to clinic depending on if the clinic is sponsored or not.  


SNIP has saved hundreds of thousands of unwanted animals from being born and have spayed & neutered over 20,000 dogs and cats since we began! We 'snip' between 26-32 animals per clinic. Did you know one female dog or cat and her offspring can 

produce more than 60,000 animals in just 6 years?!

 If you miss your scheduled appointment, you automatically go back to the bottom of the waitlist and forfeit your deposit.


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