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At the Vet

Support The Solution

SNIP invites our local businesses & residents to take part in making an impact by supporting the SNIP Bus! SNIP's Board of Directors volunteers receive zero compensation for their efforts, allowing for 100% of all proceeds to go directly to providing low-cost spay/neuter, vaccinations & microchipping.   

GIVE ON VENMO @snip-bus


Donation Levels

$350 – SNIP 3 Pack
Sponsor to Spay or Neuter 3 Animals
$725 - SNIP 6 Pack
Sponsor to Spay or Neuter 6 Animals
$1,250 - SNIP 10 Pack 
Sponsor to Spay or Neuter 10 Animals
$1,750 - Half-Clinic
$3,750 – Entire Clinic

$4,000 - Full Clinic + Vaccines
Sponsor to Spay or Neuter up to 36 Animals!!

Your money will be used to cover the cost of the mobile SNIP Bus including a highly trained veterinarian, two veterinarian technicians, one RVT, medicine, medical supplies and delivery of the SNIP bus to the location of the clinic (negotiable on location).

Please send donation checks to:


67 Front Street

 Danville, CA 94526

SNIP will also accept vehicle, boat, plane, home or property donations. You can receive a tax deduction when you itemize your return. Contact SNIP for information or to initiate donations. We’ll help with the paperwork and ensure pick-up at no cost to you.

Please email if interested in sponsorship opportunities.

GIVE ON VENMO @snip-bus

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